AI tech may worsen deepfake porn problem What’s being done about it?

CivitAI itself also collects donations, and offers a $5 a month membership that gives users early access to new features and unique badges for their usernames on the site and Discord. An erotic artist and performer who goes by sbdolphin and promotes her work on Reddit told me that this technology could be extremely dangerous for sex workers. By now most of us are familiar with how ChatGPT can write about anything, every day, the tool keeps on evolving and can now generate not only original content but more complex outputs that only need a good writing prompt. But I’m struggling with what “success” looks like for Unstable Diffusion. On the one hand, the group aims to be taken seriously as a generative art platform. On the other, as evidenced by the Discord server, it’s still a wellspring of porn — some of which is quite off-putting.

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Microsoft May Bring AI Capabilities To Apps Like Paint and Photos ….

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Companies like allow users to create videos of real human beings from text prompts. While many current image generation tools (including DALL-E 2 and Midjourney) overtly ban the creation of pornographic images. People interested in the project have been discussing and debating the sexually explicit outputs the model is capable of for weeks, with some people who have apparent access to leaked or beta versions of the model posting generated nudes as examples. Yakov Livshits On the image board 4chan, for example, people have been leaking the model and posting their creations for days leading up to the release. “If you want 18+ make it on your own GPUs when the model is released,” Stability AI tweeted. The Stable Diffusion beta and DreamStudio—a browser-based application anyone can use to generate images using stable diffusion—both forbid “NSFW, lewd, or sexual material,” and have content filters in place to prevent it.

Wired argues that fake AI child porn could be a good thing

Forbes found 14 subreddits dedicated to AI-generated porn, 10 of which have been created within the past two months. Each subreddit has thousands of members and thousands of visits each week. One of the most popular AI porn subreddits is r/unstable_diffusion, which has been live since September 2022 and has 54,000 members. Reddit has a toggle for “safe search” to hide adult content during regular search, but without this toggle, the search for “AI porn” on Reddit returns more than two dozen forums hosting and sharing AI-generated adult material. Within these subreddits, some users request or sell AI-generated sexual deepfakes of real people. Reddit has long been a storehouse for porn, which it allows on its platform as long as it is consensual.

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There is an AI tool for that, it is a line from a newsletter that I follow. Because every day there is a new AI tool to help us become more productive or do the job faster and better. Elsewhere, spurred by its efforts to chase down mainstream investors and customers, Unstable Diffusion claims to have spent significant resources creating a “robust” content moderation system.

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These purveyors assert that their videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. But by using that description for videos of well-known women being “humiliated” or “pounded”—as the titles of some clips put it—these men reveal a lot about what they find pleasurable and informative. Computer generated characters are portrayed in virtual, simulated acts with other AI porn “actors”. AI systems prompt users to describe their specific fetishes or fantasies, and then generate new content catered to that individual’s desires. DeepNude manipulated non-nude images of women to generate nudified versions, highlighting how these AI systems can victimize and exploit people without their consent. There are also a few features reserved for premium users (below), and the ability to guide the AI’s image creation by creating a person similar to an image that can be uploaded.

Yakov Livshits
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A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

ai generative porn

And in time, the group’s organizers began exploring ways to build — and monetize — their own porn-generating models on top of Stable Diffusion. Twitch already prohibited explicit deepfakes, but now showing a glimpse of such content — even if it’s intended to express outrage — “will be removed and will result in an enforcement,” the company wrote in a blog post. Explore the AI Nude Generator phenomenon’s capabilities and algorithms. We dissect the lifelike images blurring reality and scrutinize ethical issues like privacy breaches and deepfake amplification. Uncover the marvels and dilemmas to understand its impact on technology and society. Many of the face swaps are obviously fake, with the faces shimmering and distorting as they turn different angles.

Clinicians evaluate patients on an individual basis and would have to determine whether exposure to explicit images could diminish urges for a given patient, according to Berlin, or whether they might enhance them in that particular case. Still, satisfying pedophilic urges without involving a real child is obviously an improvement over satisfying them based on a real child’s image. The technology will become more accessible, with people generating their own unique content. Many will see censorship of AI porn as a violation of creative freedoms. The issue is a complex one with many facets, but it is clear AI will continue pushing the boundaries of what is ethical or appropriate in digital spaces. Yakov Livshits may ultimately change how society views intimacy and human relationships.

These base models are modified versions of Stable Diffusion that have been trained to produce a particular type of image. The “Anime Pastel Dream” model, for example, is great at producing images that look like stills from big budget anime, while “Analog Diffusion” is good at giving images a vintage film photo aesthetic. This user, who shares AI-generated porn almost exclusively, has created more than 16,000 images since January 13. Another user whose image history is mostly pornographic generated more than 6,500 images since they started using Mage on January 15, 2023. Unstable Diffusion generated nudes of several of the celebrities I tried without complaint (“Chris Hemsworth,” “Donald Trump”), save particularly photorealistic or accurate ones (Donald Trump was gender-swapped).

But search for porn with “NSFW” content enabled and Mage will reply with a wall of relevant images. Clicking on any one of them will show when they were created, with what modified Stable Diffusion model, the text prompt that generated the image, and the user who created it. A controversial AI porn tool that allows you to swap the faces of pornstars Yakov Livshits with those of uploaded photos, in both still images and videos. Despite its association with deepfake porn, there are certainly 100% legitimate uses of this AI tech. For example, it’s pretty amazing to put your own face over the male actor and see yourself banging your favorite pornstar, your expressions matching those of his in the scene.

ai generative porn

From the beginning, deepfakes, or AI-generated synthetic media, have primarily been used to create pornographic representations of women, who often find this psychologically devastating. The original Reddit creator who popularized the technology face-swapped female celebrities’ faces into porn videos. To this day, the research company Sensity AI estimates, between 90% and 95% of all online deepfake videos are nonconsensual porn, and around 90% of those feature women.